How Cool Series Of Books

How Cool Is It To Be You by Douglas McCoy

HOW COOL Series of Books were my own learning while I was working to obtain my dreams. However, I was young and inexperienced yet at the same time totally fearless and ultra ambitious. I ventured full steam ahead into my ideas and dreams.

I seemed to be blessed with unusual self confidence and belief that allowed me to try what I dreamt up and imagined while venturing head first into places and situations that others feared to tread.

After spending years writing these books I realized I should confront another challenge I have in life. I have never enjoyed reading and as a school student I could barely read even up until I left school. What can I do to help people enjoy reading my books and learning more?

Since I grew up not enjoying or even able to read, I decided to take several years off work, to develop a series of books to help people enjoy reading much more. I have developed new techniques in the way I have put my books together to make reading so much more enjoyable, stimulating and fun.

After studying and researching with great Teachers, Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Color Therapists, Applied Kinesiologists, Cartoonists, Art Teachers, Doctor of Hypnotherapy and Educators I discovered and put together a formula that:

  • stimulates the brain
  • creates more interest
  • provides variety
  • allows colored pictures to produces greater impressions on your mind
  • provides humor
  • adds fun to the reading experience.

A very special mentor of mine who was a psychologist in Los Angeles California, named Dr William Tanner, made a great impact on me and inspired me to write the HOW COOL Series of Books. Dr Tanner was the founder and head of Tanner Thought Dynamics.

I first studied his teaching, while I was in England at the age of 21. Ever since Dr. Tanner has passed on to even greater heights, I began doing my bit to progress his brilliant works and pass on his amazing understanding of the Miracle of PAR and THOUGHT DYNAMICS to YOU and the world. I am thrilled to share some of his incredible yet simple steps to change YOUR LIFE with The Miracle of PAR.

Over the last 12 years I’ve been writing my HOW COOL Series of Books. I decided I needed to share some of the lessons I have learnt even if most of these lessons were learnt the hard way. As you can imagine, I’ve met so many interesting people along the way, through my international business and life experiences. I’ve taken the time to write down so many of these incredible tips, astonishing lessons and little-known gems of wisdom.

I have compiled together techniques to develop the Right and Left Brain Certified Books for learning which have helped me gained the reputation of being called the ReCreation Coach and the ReCreation King.

The HOW COOL SERIES is The World First Series of Books Written Especially for Right and Left Brain Readers. This series of Life and Self Improvement books have been tailored to help YOU enjoy reading and understanding the principles of Personal Development. These books are aimed to assist YOU and help real people develop greater Self Confidence, Improve Self Image and have greater Personal Belief while they learn and adopt the amazing skills being taught to teach YOU How to ReCREATE YOURSELF.

The “HOW COOL SERIES” were written to help people CHANGE their lives. For people who WANT:

  • MORE out of their life,
  • To start or build a new career
  • Get over a divorce
  • Excel in any field
  • NOT commit suicide
  • Just START a NEW LIFE of their Choice
  • HELP people Be WHO they really want to Be
  • Do what they want to Do
  • Have what they want to Have
  • Make a New Life


The World’s First Series of Books
Specifically Written for Right and Left Brain Readers

I have spent years setting out my HOW COOL Series of Books full of bright colored cartoons with humor and colored graphics to help teach the principles even more powerfully than just words.  You have heard the principle:  “A Picture Paints a Thousand Words.”

Imagine if the picture was in bright colors, done as cartoons with fun and humor connected which helps produce your revolutionary system which stimulates your senses and engages your brain more to help YOU and people the world over enjoy reading so much more.

The World is changing so much and so fast, we all need to learn the skills of How To ReCREATE YOURSELF. These books can open the doors in YOUR LIFE to bring YOU greater knowledge, inspiration, hope, courage, desire, faith, belief, passion and excitement for YOU to BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE, DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO and HAVE WHAT YOU WANT TO HAVE. YOU will learn YOU ARE IN CONTROL!

Enjoy some insights into some of the fun ways I have set up my books to help both Right and Left Brain Readers enjoy reading and learning from these books. You will love the funny Cartoons with bright colors I have all throughout my books to keep your mind stimulated and interested while YOU learn and improve.
Hundreds of millions of people around the world need to be shown these discoveries being revealed throughout this HOW COOL SERIES of BOOKS. I hope these books and products touch your life and break the bands holding YOU back from greater things in life.

Get this profound experience as you reveal to yourself the information I’ve gained throughout my own life’s challenges and experiences. The gems of wisdom I have learnt that have helped me grow in ways I hadn’t even dreamed of. You can learn how to achieve the benefits of amazing Mental Strength.  Learn the powers of your right and left brains.

HOW COOL Series of Books will show you the different techniques and advanced methods of ReCREATING YOURSELF, building an inhuman Self Image to cope with both devastating Challenges and sensational Successes, discover how to acquire exceptional Self Confidence and Personal Belief in Yourself, while overcoming enormous destruction, defamation, sorrow, stress, huge loses and being able to ReINSPIRE YOURSELF to turn your life around and triumph through ALL imaginable oppositions.

Douglas McCoy