How Cool Is It To Set Goals


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Design Your Destiny

How badly do YOU want SUCCESS?  From school drop out, barely able to read. Doug learnt the principles of Goal Setting and ReCREATED his life to excel and break records and win awards in Sales, Sports, Business, Studies and Spiritual. Read how to go from the underdog to the CHAMPION. HOW COOL IS THAT.           Douglas learned how to ReCREATE himself, so let him show YOU How to Take YOURSELF from where YOU are, to where YOU WANT to be –  The Key that opens ALL the doors for YOU to SUCCESS is GOAL SETTING.

A GOAL is of major importance, it is the very Reason, the Purpose, the Desire, the Dream, the Vision, the Covenant, it is Success itself defined.  Without GOALS you will never know what you could have BEEN, DONE, or HAD.  Without GOALS you are a WONDERING GENERALITY, AIMLESS.  No one ever accomplishes anything of consequence without a GOAL or a PLAN.   ALL the Charts, Planning Forms, and Guidelines are supplied for you to just fill in the blanks.  GO FOR IT, YOU will love it and Love what this book will do for YOU.      Share it with love ones.


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